The Real Storm Came After Florence…

During our orientation at the OBX Field Site we participated in a group dynamics workshop in order to make us more comfortable with working in larger groups. This was particularly aimed at creating a more aware environment during our capstone work. The capstone is a large research project undertaken by OBXFS students every year. We learned about the different stages of group formation, as described by Bruce Tucker. They are Forming, Storming, Norming, and Performing. As a collective, we realized we hit the storming phase after we got back from Florence.

Team development stages

The capstone is one project for all of the students at the field site. Our capstone this year is on wastewater in Nags Head. How does it affect the environment in storm water or by entering the groundwater? How do residents and business owners perceive it? Do people maintain their wastewater?

Our project is split into two groups: human dimensions and ecology. The human dimensions side is focusing on the people in Nags Head and what they think about the wastewater issues in this area through interviews. The ecology side is focusing on water samples to prove or disprove contamination.

So, essentially, all 13 of us in this 2018 class are tasked with completing one research project together. This might sound as though the process would become easier from more people, but with so many smart, determined, and independent pieces working together, we are bound to hit some road bumps.

It might seem daunting to take on all of this work, but we are more than determined to handle it as a team. Even more important, we still make time to hit the beach!

Chillin’ on the beach!

Perhaps spending even more time together could end poorly, but we are proving that fun activities outside the classroom are the best way to combat any ill feelings from the classroom!

Enjoying the sunset at Jockey’s Ridge after a full day ¬†of capstone work!

From sitting around our kitchen table and figuring out each others’ love languages, to hitting the gym together, to playing cards while waiting for baby sea turtles to hatch, getting through this week has shown that we are capable of overcoming any storms thrown our way–take that, Florence!