Another week in paradise!

This past week was a pretty typical week, but that does not mean that we did not make it a fun one! This Monday we had our internships, and I am interning at the Coastal Federation this semester. On Mondays, we start off our day by attending the weekly staff meeting. At our meetings, we go around saying what we accomplished last week, and what we are looking forward to working on in the coming week. After our meeting, Leslie and I met about a graphic I made last week on plastics. She told me about other graphics she wanted me to do and also edits I could make on my current graphic. After my day of internship, I got to stay at the Coastal Federation because our CAB meeting was there this week! We set up stations upstairs and downstairs and split up between them. Each station represented our three different questions that we are addressing in our capstone project. After getting our delicious Buddha Bowls, I went to my respective station. I was the water quality station, which was responsible for talking about how we took water quality samples and showing them an example of a sample that we took. We had a water quality sample from our first sampling day, and we showed them what it looked like under the black light, and how to tell the total colony-forming bacteria. They gave us some really good feedback and it was a very helpful (and yummy) meeting.

The photo above shows Emma at our CAB meeting. The rest of the week was pretty typical, we went to class on Tuesday and learned a lot of new and interesting things, and Wednesday was our internships again. On Thursday, we had a guest speaker to our class, Terri Kirby Hathaway. She taught us about sand and all the different types and shapes. She even showed us fossilized ghost crabs! After class that day we made a group dinner, breakfast for dinner! I was responsible for making the veggie sausage for all of us vegetarians. Below is a picture of the finished product! We had sausage, eggs, pancakes, hash browns, fruit salad and roasted vegetables. We are going to try and make it a tradition to do a themed group dinner every Thursday. Although this week contained no fancy field trips, it was still amazing to have another week bonding with some really cool people and learning from great professors!