Coastal Seminar, Intro to OBXFS

By Emmy Trivette

Every student has difficulty readjusting to the familiar hum of the school year after saying another goodbye to summer. It’s hard to feel that way when you’re starting the next semester at the beach. For me, someone who grew up in Kitty Hawk, it’s a new-age homecoming. Our first week here has certainly been very different from the FWOC (first week of classes) most of our friends are having back in Chapel Hill.

Arriving in the harbor of Wanchese on our second day of class. We’re pretty lucky that it was a boat tour and not a pop quiz.

So far our time has solely been used to adjust and orient ourselves with the land and the schedule. We’ve toured around Manteo, and visited the Tri-Villages of the South, all too familiar parts of my childhood. The most interesting part of the week has been the CSI facility. Touring that, getting used to the idea that this is now our classroom and office, that the professionals throughout the complex all have something to teach us. The team dynamic exercises were also much more useful than I thought they would be. So far, the program’s emphasis on, and application to scientific theory behind teamwork is great. I underestimated how much I’d like this style. By quickly learning our way around each other at home and in the classroom, the atmosphere has begun on a high note. The comfortable tone feels like it’s pulling us up from that usually bumpy transition, and into the beginning of a different school year.