OBXFS Community Advisory Board (CAB)

Outer Banks Field Site students are fortunate to have a group of local community members, the Community Advisory Board (CAB), to learn from and interact with outside of formal classes during their time at the Outer Banks Field Site (OBXFS). The OBXFS CAB is dedicated to helping the students to make connections with the local community and understand the local context of their Capstone research.

The CAB welcomes the students to the Outer Banks soon after their arrival and enhances their time here by serving as a guides and coaches throughout the semester and far beyond.

CAB members include:

Christin Brown

Nellie Dixon

Faye Davis Edwards

Aaron McCall

Rhana Paris

Matthew Price

Kip Tabb

Students, past and present, form close connections with CAB members during several dinners and meetings throughout the semester, and Capstone presentation practice and final sessions. CAB members have also included the students in community events, as volunteers or participants, and often serve as internship partners. Students and faculty alike are extremely grateful for the time, thought, and energy that our CAB invests in Outer Banks students.