OBXFS over the years

The Outer Banks Field Site was established as the Albemarle Ecological Field Site in Manteo, North Carolina in 2001. The name, academic focus, and geographical home of the field site has changed over the years, but the IE field site on the Outer Banks has consistently offered undergraduate students a place-based and interdisciplinary coastal education throughout its history.

Below are a few photos and highlights dating back to 2017…


A vibrant group of eleven students made plant identification and tromping through the woods fun. They completed a Capstone project on change in the Buxton Woods and presented it to the community in Buxton at the end of the year.








Thanks to ten students who stayed committed to keeping one another safe, we were able to hold the 2020 OBXFS despite the COVID-19 pandemic. We established and regularly used an outdoor classroom at CSI and the students completed the third year of a Capstone research focused on the perceptions and water quality implications of septic systems in Nags Head.





The 2019 OBXFS outdid themselves. They completed a Capstone report, presentation, and an OBXFS original podcast called Flushed thanks to the guidance of Dr. D’Anna. What a fun group that completed an impressive socio-ecological project on septic systems in Nags Head.






The 2018 OBXFS class was persistent and established water quality sampling and analysis methods that would be used for the three-year study of septic in Nags Head. Storms and other unexpected challenges prevented the group from going on several of the annual OBXFS field trips but they had a rewarding semester and completed a project to be proud of regardless.


The 2017 Outer Banks Field Site class was one of our largest yet, with thirteen fantastic students that formed an incredibly close-knit team. They did a group Capstone project entitled, “Estuarine Shoreline Stabilization: Public Perceptions and Greenhouse Gas Implications”.