The 2020 class of the OBXFS

Hey y’all! My name is Janis Arrojado and I am a junior from Concord, NC majoring in Environmental Science and Geography! I am an Aquarius, ENFP, and Enneagram 7w6. I am interested in so many topics ranging from fashion, agriculture, business, social justice, and more! I am really looking forward to the Outer Banks Field Site to learn more about the coast and have a deeper understanding of the intersection between the environment and the community! In my free time you can find me on YouTube (my channel is janisvlogz!), running, or watching TikTok!

Hello! My name is Emma Bancroft, I will be a junior in the fall and am an Environmental Science major. I am from the Outer Banks and have grown up here so I am really looking forward to sharing my home with everyone and getting to learn more about where I live 🙂 I love being on the coast and I am hoping to find more career interests with the experience of the field site. Can’t wait!

Hi, my name is Coleman Cheeley and I am a senior from Glen Allen, Virginia. I am double-majoring in Environmental Science and Geography, and I am interested in climatology and environmental law. Specifically, I am interested in how climate change and its impacts will shape the future of environmental law and policy-making. To me, there is no better place to research and study the intersection of science and the humanities than the Outer Banks. I enjoy being outdoors, particularly hiking and fishing, and I am always excited to explore new places. I can’t wait to spend the fall semester at the field site!

My name is Lauren Colonair, I’m a senior majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in behavior and decision making. I’ve lived in North Carolina, specifically Fayetteville, my entire life. My goal in life is to educate as many people as possible on environmental issues. I’ve always loved writing and I hope to use that skill to accomplish my goal. I’m very excited about living on the coast for the semester! I can’t wait to learn in this new environment and fall even more in love with the beautiful world around us!

Hello, my name is Todd Davis and I am a super senior from Jamestown, NC. I have not been to the outer banks since I was a little kid, so I’m really excited for this new experience by the beach! I am majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography. I am interested in ecology restoration and sustainable urban development. I enjoy writing and playing music, hiking, cooking, and I am shamelessly addicted to cheese (except swiss).

Hi, I’m Meagan Gates! I’m a junior from Harrisburg, NC. I am majoring in public policy and environmental science with a concentration in energy systems. After graduation, I plan to work in environmental policy or environmental economics with an emphasis on renewable energy. I love spending my time outdoors, whether I’m in a hammock or hiking. While I have lived in NC my entire life, I have never been to the Outer Banks and look forward to spending a semester getting to see a different part of NC.

My name is Heidi Hannoush and I’m a sophomore from New Jersey. My major is environmental science with an ecology and natural resources concentration, and I hope to add a marine science minor. I love doing anything and everything outdoors! My passion funnels into wildlife/adventure photography and film. I’m also interested in conservation and animal behavior. I love hiking, climbing, reading, and above all, sharks. I’m excited to get some hands-on learning experience and to spend my semester in the Outer Banks!

Hello! My name is Natalie Ollis and I am a junior studying Environmental Studies, Biology, and Business Administration. I am still deciding on if I want to go into sustainability consulting on the business side or if I want to be on the policy end. Either way, I enjoy talking with people about ways to live a more sustainable life and implementing those changes for myself! In my free time, I like to cook, watch Netflix, and travel. I am so happy for the opportunity to join this program and know it will be a great experience!

My name is Gabby Paone and I am a rising sophomore majoring in Political Science with a minor in Environmental Science and Studies. I am from Rockingham, NC and am super excited to spend the semester in the Outer Banks! I absolutely love the beach and in my free time enjoy cooking, running and traveling whenever I can. I am interested in environmental policy and hope to learn much more about how human institutions interact with the environment.

My name is Caroline Pharr and I am a Senior at UNC Chapel Hill majoring in Environmental Studies, and minoring in Public Policy. I am from the Outer Banks of North Carolina, living in the town of Kill Devil Hill all my life. I am excited to have the opportunity to study the coastal ecosystems that I grew up in. I want to work in environmental justice and public policy to become an advocate for sustainable practices and the protection of vulnerable ecosystems within North Carolina. I love to travel and have passion for learning. I love swimming in the ocean, stand up paddle boarding in the sound, and hunting in the fall.

Hi! I’m Brianna Thompson but most people call me Bri. I am a rising junior from Kingston, Jamaica and I’m double majoring in Environmental Studies and Public Policy. I am interested in all things environmental but growing up in Jamaica has made me partial to coastal ecology and water conservation. I also spent some time in Brazil working in the Atlantic Rainforest, which has made me more interested in forest reforestation and land restoration. I’m a Netflixoholic and I love to read, crochet and make art with my hands. I’m excited for the entirety of this experience and I cannot wait to experience the Outer Banks!


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