Meet the OBXFS class of 2021!

Hello! My name is Jane Bailey and I’m from Leonardtown, MD. I’m an Environmental Science and Chem major with a minor in marine science. I’ve been visiting the Outer Banks since I was a kid so I’m very excited to get to work with an environment that I’m familiar with! I enjoy studying population ecology, environmental policy, and involvement with community conservation initiatives. In my free time, you can find me trying to improve my barista game, cooking, reading a good book, kayaking, or riding my mountain bike. Fun fact: I’ve lived in four states over the last year!

Hello all! My name is Mackenzie Douglas. I am current junior (c/o ’23) at UNC majoring in Environmental Studies with a minor in Hispanic Studies. If anyone is in need a partner to practice speaking Spanish, I am your girl. In my free time I love to be active, especially outdoors. I am from a small town in Western NC called Spruce Pine. I enjoy tubing on the river in the summer, skiing in the winter and hiking all year long. I am still working on finding a hobby that I can enjoy indoors, but for the most part I like cooking, painting and spending quality time with others. Growing up near Asheville, I have an affinity for all things whimsical and earthy (i.e. fairies, crystals and herbal remedies). My favorite pastime is a good conversation. Please come to me with all of your funny stories or random ideas. If I didn’t mention something, just ask! I can’t wait to finally meet you all in a few weeks at the OBX!

Hello! My name is Blakely Durham and I am a sophomore from Charlotte, NC. I am an Environmental Studies major on the sustainability track. I am interested in environmental law and want to learn more about coastal policy. I like photography, doing various crafts, trying new food, and going on outdoor adventures. I absolutely love the beach and cannot wait to spend a whole semester at the Outer Banks!

Hello! My name is Francesca Fradianni, and I am from Nyack, NY! I am a senior spending my last semester at the Outer Banks field site. I am an Environmental Studies major with a minor in Italian, but I want to go into graphic design to make environmental information more accessible and digestible through infographics and graphic art. In my free time, I love to listen to music, bake/cook, do art, and relax outdoors! I am so much looking forward to spending time in the Outer Banks and getting to know my peers and the beautiful ecosystem this fall!

My name is Joseph Hernandez and I will be a senior this upcoming fall. I am majoring in Environmental Studies and I am considering a minor in GIS. I am from Greensboro, NC and I have grown up here my whole life. I am interested in learning more about GIS, sustainability, and the impact that we have on the environment. I enjoy fishing, hiking, relaxing outdoors, cooking, and exercising. I’m looking forward to this experience and learning more about the OBX!

Hey, my name is Anna Jahr, and I currently live in Brentwood, TN. I am a sophomore majoring in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Sustainability. I hope to continue onto law school with the dream of becoming an Environmental Lawyer! I love the ocean and cannot wait to live and learn by it in the Outer Banks. In my free time I love to explore, cook, listen to music, and do anything outside. I can’t wait to get some hands-on learning experience and learn more about the environment and the Outer Banks!

Hello! I am Rebekah Littauer and I am a senior studying Environmental Studies with a minor in Geography. I am from the Asheville area and growing up in the Blue Ridge Mountains sparked a great passion for the outdoors. I have many interests including ecology, conservation, wetlands, ecological restoration, and GIS. In my free time, you can find me riding my bike, eating popsicles, or listening to Dolly Parton. I am looking forward to a full semester of exploring and learning at the Outer Banks this fall!

Hello, my name is Kenan Reeder, and I am majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in Geography. I have lived most of my life along the Outer Banks, and I am excited I get to stay another semester at home. I love spending my free time out on the beach, going on hikes with my dog, and playing watersports on the sound. I am interested in conservation and preservation efforts, especially along our coastlines, and environmental analysis and problem solving using GIS software.

Hello! My name is Jason Reynolds and I am a rising sophomore primarily focusing on environmental science and studies, while also taking courses to explore secondary interests such as computer science. I was born in Bethpage, New York but have spent most of my life in Indian Trail, North Carolina. I enjoy swimming, playing with my dogs, listening to music, and watching YouTube (probably a bit too much). After this past year, I am beyond excited to experience the Outer Banks this Fall and meet great people along the way!

Hi all! My name is Nathalie Uriarte-Ayala and I will be a junior in the fall. I am majoring in Environmental Science with a minor in GIS. I grew up in a small town in eastern NC called Pink Hill. I love doing anything outdoors such as running, hiking, kayaking, etc. I am excited for this upcoming  semester at the Outer Banks Field Site especially since it will mostly be hands-on learning and at the coast! I hope to learn more on policy issues and practices they do at the coast especially with changes in the climate lately

Hello! My name is Steve Yoon and I’m a junior from Charlotte, NC majoring in Environmental Science. I am interested in anything related to the environment and enjoy traveling. I have never been to the Outer Banks which is why I am excited to explore not only the natural environment but its relation to the local community. My goal in life is to travel around the world, including my home country South Korea, learning and working on Environmental issues.