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So when I was considering what to write about for this week’s blog post, I realized that while I’ve been saying the names of the students in the field site with me, most people have no idea who they are. And that’s unfortunate…because they’re awesome. So here’s the low-down on the 9 other students who I see almost 24 hours a day. We’re so close, I know them by their footsteps down the hallway. Wow that sounds creepy…


They’re probably also going to kill me for this, but hey, I get a blogger’s pass! Right…?


AnnaFirst off, Anna Brodmerkel. Super embarrassing secret, it took me 2 weeks to figure out how to say her last name. Anna is the initiator/organizer of our group. In layman’s terms, she gets our butts in gear and makes sure we’re on track for our hectic schedules. Which is a chore because we’re kind of a lot to handle most of the time. We’d be lost without her. She has also helped us be super active in the community and do cool things like pumpkin picking. Plus she’s ridiculously sweet, sassy, and funny. And she’s always game for going to hang out on the beach with me so she’s awesome.



Caitlin2Caitlin Seyfried is the surprise of the group. It took a few weeks for all of us to realize just how funny and sassy this girl is. And let me tell you, I’ve had some pretty serious laughing fits at her under the radar comments; they’ll come out of nowhere though and when you least expect it, so you’ve always got to be ready. Fun fact, this girl can bake. I’m talking bread that will make you forget your mama’s name, but only for like .25 seconds so don’t be alarmed. She also gets incredibly hyper at night, which kind of freaks me out and impresses me all at the same time. Like, the girl goes on night runs sometimes because she has so much energy. What?


EmmaEmma Boyd is definitely the thoughtful one of the family. She got up the other morning at 6 a.m. and baked cookies for us all before we went on a field trip. Emma also biked across the United States so she’s pretty much kick-butt. I’m just saying. Speaking of cookies, she’s the other residential chef in the group. Pizza, soups, and oh my gah, her cinnamon rolls. And I’m not just saying that because I’m a strong advocate for cinnamon; they’ll literally change your life. She’s also super funny. And sassy. Notice the common sass trend?



ChristyChristy Korzen is Miss Optimist. She’s my suite-mate so I’m luckily a subject to her optimism every day. No matter what situation arises, she throws a positive spin on it. Thanks, love! This girl also sings all the time. In the car, in her room, walking up the stairwell… She joined a local chorus group at the OBX so it’s a pretty big passion of hers. Oh and one of her favorite movies is Les Miserables so we were pretty much destined to be friends.



Brady2Brady Blackburn is the sweetheart of our little family. He’s game to try or do anything with us, and doesn’t even complain when he’s got a car full of girls begging him to play Taylor Swift on the radio. Bless his soul. Fun fact, he lost two of his teeth to an unfortunate incident with a golf club wielded by his brother and he frequently loses “his teeth” around the house. It’s been 2 months and hearing that still cracks me up. He’s also going to kill me for sharing that haha… But anyways, he’s the best.



ClaireClaire Johnson is just multifaceted. She’s incredibly sweet and thoughtful. Plus she loves coffee as much as I do and is a speed demon, so we’re pretty much kindred spirits. She also helps keep us on track during classes and research. She’ll be real with us, which is what we need most of the time. (We tend to get a bit rowdy). And she can throw some sass. I’m telling you, this group is filled with sass-masters.



indexHolly Roberts is our feisty one. You never truly know what she’s going to do next. Which keeps things super fun. And she loooves cats. Her cat Salsa is her baby. Super fun fact, this girl can knit like nobody’s business. She made a Teridactyl that was freaking awesome! She’s also game to watch movies with me all the time and do awful workouts in the backyard, so I love her.



NicNic Reschly is the jokester of the group. Big time. I rarely see the guy not playing around, but he keeps conversations that can get pretty monotonous, lively. That and you never really know what’s going to come out of the boy’s mouth. He’s also an avid, avid hunter and fisher. Looking at his Instagram is like looking at a fishing magazine. Being the house beach native, he grew up around the ocean so it’s a huge passion for him; as is surfing.



CokerCoker Holmes is also the wildcard. You never know what he’s going to do or say. He’s one of the 3 seniors as well so he’s a frequent traveler to Chapel Hill during the weekends. He’s also puts all of us to shame by donning a suit for internship (he’s with a law office this semester). Secret fact: he cooks frequently but has set off the fire alarm once and has almost set it off a few times so we keep a careful eye on him. But that’s on the down low.



I could write pages on just how awesome and unique these people are, but I feel like that may be overkill. We’re a diverse group and we cut up pretty much all day every day, much to the exasperation of Lindsay. But, we have fun. These people have become close friends to me and they’ve helped make this semester ah-mazing. And the fun will continue when I’m living with some of them next year!


For all those thinking about the field site, you’ll probably make some kick-butt friends/partners in crime so reason number 8,605 to come here! Not real crime…just some devious activities. But nothing too bad… No worries.



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