Are you ready for OBX? (Recommend You Try These Things)

Living a new place can be both overwhelming and exciting! Here’s how you can make the best out of your time while in the Outer Banks.


The first thing you should do is decorate your space. It’ll make you feel at home and can also be your sanctuary for when you need some alone time. If you’re missing something or want something new for your space, then you should thrift! There’s sooo many items that you can thrift and can find some awesome antique on the island too!



Don’t feel too pressured, but here’s a quote to abide by. “The warmer the island, the more tourists and more places are open.” As soon as the tourist season is over, there’ll be less places open. Therefore, you’ll want to get going quick to visit the fun-summer places, but no worries.. there are things to do during the winter months too..

Late Summer Activities

  • Ocean.. ocean.. OCEAN
  • Jet Skiing

Fall – Winter Activities