Picturing the News – CriShaun’s Internship with the OBX Voice

For my internship through the OBX Field Site I’ve been working alongside the OBX voice as a photographer. The OBX Voice is a local news outlet that works to inform the people of the NC coast of everything going on in the Outer Banks, from local elections to impending storms.

Under the guidance of my mentor, Mark Jurkowitz, I’ve traveled all throughout the Outer Banks photographing for various stories. I’ve been able to attend town meetings, court proceedings, and even had the chance to travel to Hatteras following Hurricane Dorian to take pictues of relief efforts.


Through my work with the Voice, I’ve had the opportunity to improve my photography skills as well as my information gathering skills. This has been important to me as I feel that these skills are vital toward pursuing a future as an environmental photographer and journalist.

In addition to the skills that I’ve been developing, I’ve also had the pleasure of meeting various people and gaining insight to the different ways of life here on the coast. I’ve seen areas that I otherwise would have never visited and helped deliver a vital resource (information) to the people of the OBX.


Overall, this experience has been extremely worthwhile. I’ve enjoyed my time working with Mark and am appreciative of the opportunities I’ve been given. I look forward to my remaining internship days and can’t wait to apply what I’ve learned to future experiences.